CHEUNG MING BUILDING property for rent


Direct owner,with front platforms, bright and open, can plant flowers, well managed. Near PrinceEdward, convenient transportation, bus at the door to and from Hong Kong Island in the New Territories
Facing the stadium, close to the supermarket, simple furniture, basic electrical, one bedroom and one washing room,open kitchen, suitable for single people /student(stable career priority)
Direct owners

望球場,近超市,簡單家俬,基本電氣,一房一廳,企理, 開訪廚房,適合1-3人小家庭
望球場,近超市,家電齊備,煮食位, 企理, 適合1人,單身白藍領學生
直接業主 ,伶包可入住

Property Location

District Information

POA School Net 40
Secondary School Places Allocation Net Sham Shui Po
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